Accelerate Your Sales Process With Efficient Lead Management

Obtaining all of the right information about customers in order to determine whether or not they’re a qualified lead is time consuming for suppliers.

Knowde has just released multiple new features that ensure actionable information is surfaced at all the right times, making it easier for your team to engage with leads and move customers through your sales funnel faster. 

A new and improved dashboard experience

The new supplier dashboard helps you orient yourself quickly on key metrics, review requests in one place, and focus on the leads that matter most for your business.

Navigate through your dashboard with ease

With the dashboard renamed to “Home,” your Leads organized under the CRM tab, and all Settings accessible in one place in the newly updated navigation bar, it’s now easier for you to navigate to and use everything that Knowde has to offer.

Get oriented quickly

With an overview of activity at the top of the dashboard, you can orient yourself quickly on key metrics and pick up right where you left off.

Review customer information in a way that’s easy to digest

The summary of recent customer engagement allows you to spend less time trying to search for customer details and more time turning leads into sales.

Focus on high-priority requests and leads

Your high-value customers are highlighted for you through Notable Activity, making it easier for you to take immediate action on their needs and turn key leads into sales.

Automate your lead qualification process

With Knowde’s auto-qualification engine, you can configure your Channel Rules to automate your request and lead qualification process, eliminating manual work for your team and converting leads into sales faster.

Replace manual work with automation

Team members are notified of new requests and leads automatically, which means they can spend less time finding leads and more time making sales. 

Create a more efficient review process

By automating lead qualification based on your Ideal Customer Profile, you can save time on review work and move customers through your sales funnel faster. 

Identify your high-value customers and take action on their needs

Through customizable Channel Rules, you can ensure that high-priority leads never fall through the cracks and that your team takes swift action on your customers’ needs.

Suppliers on Knowde can now access these new features when they log into their account dashboard.

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