Supercharge Your Product Marketing with Auto-Generated Technical Data Sheets

Reading Time: 3 minutes

How long does creating a technical data sheet for a new product take? A day? A week? A month? If the answer is longer than a minute, you’re losing valuable time in the race to sell your product. A typical data sheet can take days or even weeks to produce. First, you must gather technical data from the product team. Then, you have to get a product description blessed by the technical team, product stewardship, legal and product management. Next, it’s off to a designer, or you can cobble it together with a fussy Word template. 

Now that you have the datasheet, you have to update your website in all regions and languages, share with distributors, update the customer service and sales teams, and send the TDS to any marketplace or aggregation sites where you advertise your product. Let’s hope it’s all correct because any last-minute changes that you need means going through the whole process again.

Simplify how you create your technical datasheets

With Knowde, dynamically generate branded TDS documents directly from your product data in one click, allowing you to create one or multiple richly designed datasheets instantly.

Automatically generate datasheets with the latest product data

Manually creating TDS using various design tools and databases is time-consuming. Within Knowde PIM, you can automatically generate TDS documents based on your latest product data in seconds. Your data stays cleansed and harmonized within the Knowde PIM system, meaning it’s ready to go whenever you need it. Updates to data are also a breeze since you can make any changes needed in one place and then regenerate the document with one click. You no longer need to update an on-premise database, your website, marketplace, and listing sites. Just make the update, like a newly discovered product application, directly in the Knowde PIM. The rest is practically done for you.

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Personalize your documents based on the use case or customer

As you add or shed business units, product lines or brands, you can quickly generate new datasheets with the proper branding that matches your customers’ needs, such as logo, company information and more. Other ways to personalize include the ability to save different versions of your datasheet based on the same core product data. You can save a customized version for a high-priority customer or export a version tailored to your top distributor. You can also create different versions for each region where the product is commercially available, adjusting specifications to match regional and local data requirements.

Download and share datasheets with ease

Download your TDS documents as PDFs, allowing you to share files with customers or internal teams effortlessly. If your product datasheet library is anything like a typical chemical or ingredient company, it’s spread out on multiple hard drives, stored in different databases, and maybe even tucked away in emails. Not only is this difficult to find, but there’s no version control to ensure you share the most current and accurate data. When all your product data is stored in one spot, you can go directly to the source of truth to export a datasheet, knowing it’s the one you need with clean and correct information.

Are your teams wasting time creating and updating technical data sheets manually? Learn more about how Knowde’s Master Data Management solution can organize your product data and enable you to generate TDS documents instantly.